Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Quartzsite gears up for winter visitors


Quartzsite is the place to be this winter! 

Enjoy the spirit of the old west while viewing the many shades of red and blue painted puffy clouds overlooking the silhouetted purple mountains surrounding Quartzsite. This vivid picture of the Sonoran Desert’s typical sunrise or sunset is but one of the many enjoyable features of your voyage around and through Quartzsite, Arizona.

Quartzsite has long been recognized for its unique geological treasure-trove of gems, minerals, and precious metals. It is most often referred to as the "The Rock Capital of the World." For more than 50 years, vendors congregate here for the annual Quartzsite Rock and Gem Shows where wholesale and retail dealers from around the world buy, sell, trade, or barter for the most rare and valuable commodity. 

Winter visitors escaping cabin fever are attracted by the warm winter days and nights and the affordability of wintering in western Arizona. RV travelers can choose from dry-camping at one of many Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 14-day or long term camping areas, or stay at one of over 60 RV parks having full utility hookups. Visitors will enjoy the out-of-doors attractions of the many swap meets, arts and crafts shows, or the surrounding day trips into Mexico, Lake Havasu City, Grand Canyon, or even Disneyland. Additional activities include gold mining, hiking, classic car shows, and classes in arts and crafts.

Night time entertainment includes the typical table games, several Bingo parlors, or the many musical jam sessions held at most RV parks. The QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association) hosts numerous nighttime live entertainment shows. Mild winter nights allow visitors to sit around a campfire and listen to the tall tales of some would-be or never-was cowboy, lamenting of his lost youth while steaks and hamburgers grill over the campfire.

Pioneers, settlers, and prospectors have been riding the trails around Quartzsite for more than 200 years. But now, they have a brand-new steed; one with a whole herd full of horsepower. The OHV in all of its forms is now able to transport riders in relative comfort.  

Enjoy your visit to Quartzsite, Arizona. Additional information is available at or Quartzsite Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism